About CHAI


Mission Statement


CHAI: Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc.'s mission is to strengthen neighborhoods with a significant Jewish presence by developing and enhancing housing, affecting community development, and supporting aging-in-community.


CHAI accomplishes this mission by:


  • Rehabilitating housing and providing supporting repair/weatherization services
  • Promoting homeownership, providing housing counseling and loans to assist in the purchase and upgrade of homes
  • Providing services to the most vulnerable populations in our neighborhoods
  • Developing and managing affordable senior living housing
  • Supporting neighborhood organizing and development
  • Working to strengthen area schools through community engagement


What We Do


Since 1983, CHAI has:


  • Increased home ownership and economic stability in northwest Baltimore
  • Increased neighborhood safety and strengthened community associations and public schools through community organizing
  • Assisted hundreds of people every year to become homeowners and renovate and upgrade their homes through its Homeownership Services program
  • Produced or renovated 1,654 units of affordable multi-family housing.
  • Enabled hundreds of low-income senior adults to stay in their homes safely and affordably
  • Provided foreclosure counseling to approximately 130 homeowners annually


CHAI is a non-profit organization committed to equal housing opportunity.



CHAI's Success has been supported by the partnerships and collaborations with other agencies of The Associated, including:



Jewish Community Services

Jewish Community Center

Lifebridge Health

Hebrew Free Loan

Jewish Volunteer Connection

Myerberg Center

Pearlstone Center

Weinberg Senior Living


CHAI also works closely with public agencies at the Federal, State and local levels and numerous private organizations and non-profit institutions in Baltimore and throughout the state.


CHAI's Form 990