Community Partnerships

Northwest School Community Partnership

CHAI is working closely with Cross Country Elementary & Middle School on a special initiative to enhance and strengthen CCEMS’s technology offerings and to implement a school-wide Technology Integration Program, a progressive education project that will train students in real world technology. This has been made possible through a school-community partnership grant from the Goldseker Foundation.
Visit our Schools page for additional information.

Healthy Neighborhoods

Healthy Neighborhoods transforms Baltimore’s strong but undervalued neighborhoods, creating neighborhoods of choice, physical improvements and supporting residents’ confidence. The Glen neighborhood in CHAI’s catchement area is one of those neighborhoods. Additional information about the CHAI/ Glen Neighborhood Improvement Association’s partnership with Baltimore City’s Healthy Neighborhoods, is available on our Healthy Neighborhoods page.

Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP)

The Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) is a partnership between the Northwest Neighborhood’s President’s Forum and the Baltimore City Planning Department to create a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy for the five northwest Baltimore neighborhoods. It seeks to balance neighborhood priorities with a citywide decision-making framework. Neighborhood priorities are identified through community wide forums, a town meeting and a steering committee of community stakeholders.

The final plan articulates the priorities and strategies. These decisions will guide CHAI’s, the neighborhood associations’ and the City’s revitalization activities and will affect public and private investment for the neighborhoods of Glen, Fallstaff, Cheswolde, Cross Country and Mt. Washington.


The 2010 SNAP provides residents and stakeholders of northwest Baltimore City an opportunity to participate in the community planning process in areas of:
• Housing, land use and zoning
• Open space, recreation and environment
• Transportation, streetscapes, and gateways
• Education and schools
• Public safety and community relations

The 2010 SNAP plan can be downloaded here>>

Please visit Baltimore City's website for general information about SNAP.

The 2005 SNAP plan may be downloaded here>>

Volunteer Partnerships
CHAI partners with other Associated agencies such as Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), Greater Baltimore Jewish Community Center (JCC), and Weinberg Senior Living through its NADIV Program to promote volunteerism in the Northwest neighborhoods.