Community Organizing


Why Organize a Community?

1) To achieve concrete neighborhood improvements that will make the neighborhood cleaner, safer, healthier and a better place to live.

2) To increase cultural awareness between all segments of the population.

3) To foster a stronger community bond, community members will learn and grow with one another and be a part of positive sustainable changes through community improvement projects. 

Four Core Elements of Community Organizing

Leadership Development
Helping residents and leaders develop an analysis of issues facing their lives and communities while giving them the skills to act on these issues.

Learn more about the COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP ACADEMY and register for their next session.

Base Building/Member Recruitment & Retention
Building a strong group of committed, motivated resident leaders who share an analysis about issues facing the community and who are committed to working towards change.

Organizational Development
Building systems and structures to support resident leaders in making the change that they want to see happen. Can also mean building or supporting a community based organization or institution.

Campaign Development
Devising concrete strategies, tactics and plans for addressing n issue or policy that impacts the lives of the community and fighting for change.


E-mail Sherrell or call 410-500-5305

  • Annual Chometz Burning

  • Block Parties

  • Adopt a Neighbor

  • Neighborhood Associations

  • Neighborhood Beautification

  • House Facades

  • Families Volunteering Together

The Fallstaff Neighborhood Multicultural Organizing Project 

Partnering with the Fallstaff Improvement Association and CASA of Maryland, CHAI is working with Fallstaff residents to achieve concrete neighborhood improvements that will make the neighborhood safer, cleaner, and a better place to live.  The project also aims at increasing cultural awareness between all of the ethnic and cultural groups in the neighborhood.

Fallstaff Residents: Get Involved!

Contact Brittany Morgan, Fallstaff Community Organizer 

  • The Fallstaff Neighborhood Multicultural Organizing Project