The Healthy Neighborhoods Program

Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. Mission:
Healthy Neighborhoods helps strong but undervalued Baltimore neighborhoods increase home values, market their communities, create high standards for property improvements, and forge strong connections among neighbors.


Glen is a Healthy Neighborhood:
Since 2007, the Glen neighborhood has been a proud member of the Healthy Neighborhoods initiative. Through Healthy Neighborhoods, CHAI is able to offer our current and prospective residents low-interest purchase and home improvement loans and grants. Also available are small grants for block façade improvements. If you are buying or currently own a home on one of our target blocks (see below), you may be eligible for one or more of the following Healthy Neighborhoods incentives. 


Our Loans: Healthy Neighborhoods oversees a $30.5 million private loan fund and provides special below-market loans to homebuyers and homeowners in Baltimore City to encourage investment and standard-setting renovation. Healthy Neighborhoods provides four innovative loans to eligible borrowers.

If you reside on a Healthy Neighborhoods Target Block, your block is eligible to receive a grant up to $3,000 to increase its curb appeal.

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Glen Target Blocks 
Biltmore Avenue: 6100 & 6200 blocks
Emmart Avenue: 3900 & 4000 blocks
Gist Avenue: 5500 through 6200 blocks
Glen Avenue: 3600 through 4000 blocks
Hopeton Avenue: 6200 block
Jonquil Avenue: 5600 through 5800 blocks
Menlo Drive: 3600 through 4000 blocks
Mortimer Avenue: 3900 & 4000 blocks
Narcissus Avenue: 5600 through 5800 blocks
Pinkney Avenue: 3900 & 4000 blocks
Primrose Avenue: 3900 & 4000 blocks
Rosecrest Avenue: 3900 & 4000 blocks
Rubin Avenue: 5700 & 5800 blocks
Strathmore Avenue: 3700 through 4000 blocks


For more information, please call our Homeownership Department:
Phone: (410) 500-5309 



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