Workshops and Pre-Purchase Counseling

Homebuyer Education Workshops

We offer monthly homebuyer education workshops, usually the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month from 6:00 to 9:15 p.m. This workshop is the gateway to CHAI’s full offerings of homeownership services. Cost is $100 per household.

Contact CHAI to learn about the online workshop which is available 24/7.

Topics covered:
1. Intro to homebuyer education
2. The housing counseling process
3. Credit reports and repair
4. The mortgage pre-approval process
5. Choosing a new home/Real Estate agent
6. Contract of sale
7. Mortgage financing and appraisal
8. Home inspections
9. Getting to settlement
10. What happens post-purchase
11. The renovation process


Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling

Cost is included in price of CHAI Homebuyer workshop fees above. 
Tri-Merge credit report included.


Upon completion of the workshop, you can schedule an individual counseling appointment with CHAI’s housing counselor to discuss your income, personal credit status, and determine what price range is affordable for your family.

Call Homeowner Services at 410-500-5309 or email for an appointment.

When you meet with the housing counselor, PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS:

• Two current pay stubs for each working member of the family
• Last two year’s Federal income tax return form 1040 with accompanying W-2 forms
• Credit Report with Credit Score
• Pre-approval from lender (if available)
• Record of all debts (student loan, car loan, most recent credit card statements
• Last two month’s checking and savings accounts’ statements
• List of other assets (CD’s, stocks, investments, etc.) and value of each