Workshops and Pre-Purchase Counseling

Homebuyer Education Workshops

Don’t Leave Money on the Table While House Hunting!


Learn how to:

  • Find a House
  • Get Free Money
  • Become Mortgage-Ready


You’ll Receive:

  • A HUD-certified Homebuying Workshop
  • Private Individual Counseling Session
  • Certificates of Completion*


For homes purchased in Baltimore City

Qualified purchasers will be able to take advantage of loans and grant programs offered by CHAI, Baltimore City, the State of Maryland, and local lenders after receiving Homebuyer Education certification.

$100 per household

A household is either 1 individual or 2 people purchasing a home together. All people going on the mortgage are required to attend the Homebuyer Workshop and Pre-Purchase Counseling session. *You must attend both workshop and counseling to obtain certificates.


Two ways to take the workshop:


  1. In-house workshops given monthly at the CHAI offices. Taught by our Homeownership Team.
    Register here


  1. Learn online 24/7 with eHomeAmerica.
    Register here


You will be able to schedule your follow-up Pre-Purchase Counseling session after you attend the workshop.


Workshop PLUS Counseling is required for certificates.


Please call Homeowner Services at 410-500-5309 with any questions. Or email for an appointment.