Northwest Neighbors Connecting

Mission: Our mission is to create a self-sustaining village of interdependent, diverse, caring individuals who give and receive services supporting their ability to age in place and enhancing their physical, emotional and social well-being.  The village achieves its mission through a social network of members and volunteers, through service-based committees, and through partnerships with professionals, businesses and community organizations.


Northwest Neighbors Connecting is part of the Supportive Community Network – an initiative through The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore and CHAI to create a series of “villages” in Jewish Baltimore. To learn more about villages, check out the Village to Village Network (


NNC offers its members the opportunity to exchange volunteer services; social events, educational and cultural activities; and access to reliable, trustworthy professionals for those services beyond the abilities of a volunteer; and a chance to determine how the organization can best meet the needs of its members in support of their aging in place. 


As a member of NNC, you can look forward to either CONTRIBUTING or RECEIVING in all areas of our work.


They are:


Check-in calls
Emergency preparedness support
Peer Support and Orientation Network


Social events
Leadership development
Retirement Chats
Diversity Dialogues


Monthly General Meetings
Committees based on the needs you identify for NNC
Board of Directors


Opportunities for YOU to provide services to other members
Helping NNC in the office
Volunteer driving
Computer help
Household fixes

Any number of services you might need – just ask and maybe there is a member who can provide it!

Referrals to trusted, discounted vendors

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Volunteer with NNC


Volunteers are needed to aid aging community members with rides to the store, friendly phone calls, iPhone and computer lessons, social events support and more. 


Contact: or call 410-500-5433 (LIFE) to lend a hand.


NNC Personal Rides